Trigger Collective
Manual For Collective Play

This manual offers a space where together, by following (or perhaps not following) suggestions, we can take a moment to explore the possibilities of sound and communal creating with joy.

This project is aligned with the values we try to uphold within our collective, where our aim is to always try to create safer spaces and non-hierarchical structures that help and support us in our lives and personal practices. For this reason, Zeynab Gueye, Faolán McGowan, and Dora Rodriguez from Trigger Collective have created a Manual for Collective Play. We are inspired by old folkloric practices that treat art as communal craft (rather than art for art’s sake) and by the idea of a creative playground. Looking at the world today, we are strongly aware of the fact that art as we know it and art as an institution cannot continue in the well-trodden tracks of contemporary tradition. There is a pressure on us as people within our respective occupations to create and to produce—both constantly and without the opportunity to experiment and to explore for the sake of joy alone. It can be a solitary, lonely task. The manual aims to tear us away from the expectations and demands placed upon us and to create a space where together, through following (or maybe not following) suggestions, we can take a moment to be silly and to explore the possibilities of sound and communal making with joy. For Montag Modus, they introduced an online beta of the manual, which presented an opportunity to interact with virtual space in a different way than what we are used to.

2020, Web-based interactive work 


Presented at Ecology of Attention #3: Listening out Loud

Manual for Collective Play was realized in collaboration with Y events supported by the Czech-German Future Fund

Curators Léna Szirmay-Kalos, Jasna Vinovrški, Petr Dlouhy, Anna Chrtková
Photo Jonas Verespej, Faolán McGowan, Trigger Collective, Mary C

Trigger Collective was founded in 2018 within the Synth Library Prague as an open collective of women and trans* people working in the field of music, revolving around the topics of re/search, un/learning, respect, e(qual)ity, and control. The Manual for Collective Play follows the collective’s aim to face challenges, expectations and demands the music scene and the world beyond places on women, trans*, POC, and other minority artists. Inspired by folkloric practices of art as a communal event and craft, the project invites everyone to play, experiment, be silly, and create, together and with joy. The manual was developed by Trigger members Zeynab Gueye (DJ, community organizer, performer), Faolán McGowan (sound artist, Shape Platform 21), and Dora Rodriguez (performer, theatre maker), with support from Mary C.