Sunny Pfalzer
From Ethics To Aesthetics

Sunny Pfalzer’s installation, From Ethics to Aesthetics combined a textile sculpture and a video. The latter is a recording of the eponymous performance which was developed in collaboration with LaCollectiz! in public space in Tel Aviv in 2019. The fictional gang performs in the interstitial space between Tel Aviv Court, the military base HarKirya, and the Tel Aviv Museum. Their poetic singing tells stories of how these state-owned institutions affect the private lives of the performers. Benjamin Netanyahu was standing trial on corruption charges at the time the work was performed. 

Pfalzer investigates the strengths and dangers of anonymity, communal bodies, and collective identity in public space. Pfalzer’s performances show groups of uniformed, flirtatious cockroaches or slugs crawling on the ground across town, blurring the borders between poetry, fiction, and reality, between private and public space and identity.

The sound accompanying the installation was developed with the musician DEBIT, reflecting the immersive character of the performance as well as the perception of the performers that time has decelerated. 

Sunny Pfalzer, From Ethics To Aesthetics 

2020, Photo documentation of the installation: video and textile, 21’55”.

The installation was presented at Ecology of Attention #1: FOMO  and Ecology of Attention #2: Ignition Cycle. This work was realized in collaboration with feldfünf e.V.

Curators Yvonne Zindel, Léna Szirmay-Kalos, Alexander Wilmschen
Photo Barbara Antal

Sunny Pfalzer *1991 is a performance and visual artist. In their work art and activism flirt with each other. They initiate temporary collectives that cuddle in the street. Their methodology builds on embodied and representative attributes of protests and on the possibility of turning “being together” into a tool for empowerment. Through performance, video and textile sculpture Sunny investigates the strength and perils of anonymity, communal bodies and collective identity in public space and how we can embody sensitive ways of relating to our surroundings, informed by its political and historical complexity. Sunny studied fine arts in Mexico City and Vienna. They live and work between their  hometown Ternitz, Vienna and Berlin. Sunny Pfalzer’s work was recently presented at KW Berlin, Shedhalle Zurich and Les Urbaines Lausanne. Sunny had been active in activist groups such as Do Demo and Burschenschaft Hysteria. Pfalzer collaborated with Isabel Lewis and Young Boy Dancing Group.