Cia Rinne with Sebastian Eskildsen
leçon du mot [le son du mot]

Cia Rinne writes minimalist and concrete pieces in several languages. Music plays a key role within her multilingual minimalist texts. This has led her to experiment with the performativity of a given text, both in readings and through collaborations with sound artists and musicians. This sound installation was developed together with Sebastian Eskildsen. 

2020, Sound installation, 10’29” (excerpt 3’)

The voice-based sound installation was first presented at Ecology of Attention #1: FOMO.

Curators Yvonne Zindel, Léna Szirmay-Kalos
Text and voice Cia Rinne
Sound work and editing Sebastian Eskildsen

Cia Rinne is a poet, author, and artist living in Berlin. Born in Gothenburg, she studied philosophy and languages in Frankfurt, Helsinki, and Athens. Her multilingual minimalist texts play with the phonetic shifts of meaning that occurs between languages and reduce complex philosophical and linguistic questions to tonal sequences. Her books have been published in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Canada, with the most recent being l’usage du mot (2017), Trial and Eros (libretto for an opera by Henrik Strindberg and Sofia Jernberg, 2019), and sentences (2019, shortlisted for the Prix Bob Calle). Her performances, exhibitions, and sound installations have been shown in galleries and museums around the world. Cia is the 2019 laureate of the Prix littéraire Bernard Heidsieck-Centre Pompidou.